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The BNPR Show #2: Modeling for Style

Show Notes: Support the show now: Tutorial, tips and tricks Organic Freestyle Lines Tree in Krita and Blender NPR game Hair in...


The BNPR Show #1: NPR Patent

Show notes: Support the show now: Tutorials and Tricks Grain shader (Eevee) Hatching and Screentone shader (all Blender versions) Parallax (all Blender...


NPR artworks, tips and tricks 2018-01-21

毎年恒例の干支神モデリング。イヌたん!ウェイトとかまだちょっと直したいところあるけどタイムアップ。 #今年作ったBlender作品貼ってけ #b3d #えとたま — あそ.blend6 (@Asobiti) December 31, 2017   See it moves on the original tweet Dragon-jackal-dinosaur thingy loop #b3d #illustrator