The BNPR Show #35: Low Poly Secrets

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Tutorials: Low Poly Secrets


What you are going to learn next will change your modeling, a bit; for some, a lot.

You will love triangles, please use them wisely and with wisdom.

You are not obligated to use all the modeling secrets, but more is better.

The silhouettes of your model will decide the topology of the mesh, not the other way around.

You will not agree with one or more of the secrets you are going to learn and that is alright.

Most of these secrets are public knowledge, and have been used in games as old as the original PlayStation.

If we show your model here, it does not mean your model is wrong.
It only means that there is a possibility for optimization.

Secret #1: Joins

Secret #2: Break the mirror


Secret #3: Disconnected meshes

FF7 character:

Secret #4: Triangle or squarish limps



Secret #5: Flatten micro details

Micro details:

Secret #6: Don’t model hidden mesh

No hidden:

Secret #7: Texture as details

Shadow in texture:

Secret #8: Transparency as mesh details


Secret #9: Use simpler shading to hide blocky polygons

Simple shading:

Secret #10: Non-manifold geometry is OK


Secret #11: Follow the form or the silhouette of the shape, not the topology


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