The BNPR Show #13: A Castle!

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📰 The News:

Blender 2.82 released with NPR Splash:
Splash Blendfile:

🤸‍♀️ Tutorials and Tricks:

Flat-Modeling Anime Hair Tutorial in Blender 2.8

Bonus Tutorials:
Animated Cartoon Ocean Effect Blender 2.81 Eevee
Using custom AOVs for NPR with Cycles
Blender Tutorial – How to Make a Toon Shader With Dynamic Outline – Part 2
2D style rendering in Blender 2.81 Part 1
2D style rendering in Blender 2.81 Part 2

🎎 Community Updates:

Abnormal add-on WIP

Rukikuri’s Simplifying Face Planes:

Color related ebooks: (Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery) (Pixel Math)

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