The Art Collector Demo (Alpha 1)

Alastair Low writes:

This is my honours project so far

Its a 5 level game with a different art style for each level.
The styles are:
-Cartoony ambient occlusion gallery(noodle limbs)
-Pop Art room
-Watercolour forest
-Charcoal train station
-Pen and ink graveyard
Here’s is a video playthrough:
For more info on how this was made have a look at my blog:
Or check out the thread on blender artist:
Download the demo here Windows only:
And if you want to look at the blend files they are here,made in blender 2.49b (note only the first level alows you to walk around but you can still lookt at and edit the nodes in the other scenes)
the art collector styles

Thank you for this wonderful NPR demonstration!!