This is How Your Learn Colour!

Light BWK here, I’m the author and the voice of this course.

Colour is wonderful! Yet, if you learn it the wrong way, effectively you are disabling your enjoyment toward the fabulous world of colour. To skillfully navigate the world of colour often takes you to purchase colour courses. There are endless colour courses out there which claimed to have the ability to provide to all your colour needs. Sadly, they often don’t. In fact, I have fallen into the trap of purchasing worthless courses. They either don’t have substance or only discuss theories. Such is the state of colour education.

The crux of learning colour, for most of us, is to apply the knowledge one learned into artworks. In short, we want to be colour designers.

Few years back, I discovered effective ways to master colour in a very short amount of time. Since then I have taught it to my closest friends and families. The result is surprising! In less than 1 hour of explaining how colour works, I see how they experience AHA moments and blown away by the details. The amazement does not just end there. Every artwork produced after the mini-lecture displays the confidence of colour application. The amount of transformation is exponential!

This is How You Learn Colour!” is a systematic compilation of that knowledge. The first chapter of this colour course lists all colour problems you and I have experienced while learning colour. In the early chapters, I’ll help you to build your colour foundation. When you have a firm foundation, it is time to explore digital colour from a colour designer’s perspective. This course is dense, and you will experience it as a journey, one step at a time. I recommend you to not rush it.

Title CoverThis is how you learn Colour!” is an effective, radical and bad-ass approach to learning colour for the digital medium. This audio course frees your eyes to lucidly experience colours around you. You will colour pluck from real life and understand how colour ticks.

The course is designed by assuming that you are a colour newbie. In the early chapters, you have to build robust foundations; then it progresses toward the colour designer dominion. Along the way, it explores and exposes techniques to effectively conquer colour. Everything is packaged inside a “No B.S.” presentation style.

Fun colour “stuff”:

This is why you have never mastered colour before, “Tomato” versus “#FF6347” [Arstechnica]
People just cannot agree on colour. Original dress colour debate [Tumblr] Explanation [Yahoo]
A more nerdy investigation of colour, I should say hue. Colour Survey result [xkcd]
Are you colour blind, colour bald, or colour deaf? Test it [EnChroma]
#BADA55 = Disappointed Avocado | #1CE1CE = Freezing Sharks | #B00B1E = Dried Blood
More funny colour codes at

Learning Flow

Topics included:

  • Rediscover the human eye.
  • Tear apart colour components.
  • Accurately name any colour.
  • Investigate digital colour tools.
  • Explore making colour palettes, from the simple colour pairs to complex colour palettes.
  • Tips and tricks to make exciting colour combinations.
  • Enhance and fix boring colours, arousing your colour finesse.
  • Common mistakes educated colour artists should avoid.
  • In-depth colour analysis and discussion.
  • Bonuses: Colour secrets you wish you knew years ago.
What you'll get: 42 minutes of audio, 43 infographics like notes, Secret bonuses.

What you’ll get: 42 minutes of audio, 43 infographics like notes, Secret bonuses.

Note: This course will not be comfortable. No plushy to hug. It is designed to be as such. There is no video, you’ll not get into cruise mode. You get into action mode with each chapter, which is the goal of this course. It is not “Here is a magic pill, you’ll know everything.” It is “Go go go, give them campers a hell of a time!”

PS: In the process of making this course, Light BWK reported UX inconsistent of colour selectors/pickers/adjusters in Blender, GIMP, Mypaint and Krita. Most of them are fixed now.

File size: 66 MB uncompressed | Format: MP3, PNG, PDF | Difficulty: Beginner to Colour Designer

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