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What is Project Gooseberry?

At SXSW conference in March, Blender Institute launched the first crowd-funded, open production computer animated movie – the Gooseberry Project. This feature length film will be created by 12 production teams from all over the world, collaborating online using the newly launched Blender Butt service.

Summary of how the production works:

  • Adopt an alternative to the pre-sale model of crowd-funding– which is Subscription based.
  • Adhere to ¬†Open Production: the audience can get into direct contact with the makers
  • Occupy Hollywood: as in, the makers are completely in control and own the film – and will benefit from the profits
  • Empower with Creative Commons in mind: release and share all material, yet find a way to make a living with it
  • Utilize Open Source In-house Software: make the software a way to work together which breaks the commercial product life cycle model

What are some of the famous supporters saying about Project Gooseberry?

“I pledged!” Cory Doctorow – BoingBoing

“Unsurpassed open filmmaking.” Michael Harrison – Redhat, opensource.com

“This could prove to be incredibly important and historic.” Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia

Project Gooseberry

Supporter perks:

  • A place in the Movie Credits.
  • Butt access to production files, Blender Foundation’s Blender Training Courses, and even the possibility of production involvement.
  • Discount for early access download & physical hardcopy of the finish film.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors will get special section in film credit roll and listed on the website sponsor section.

“Normally if you crowdfund a film, you pay, & then you wait, & all the interesting perks you get they have nothing to do with the making of the film. You have card, or poster, you have autograph, you can visit the film sets, you get many things, but you don’t get the film. You might be happy if after 2 years you get the film on a DVD, but in between the whole period, everybody is locked out. In our project, we think, it is much better if you don’t pay everything on up front, you pay every month a little bit to see the film progressing, you get something like a live performance.” Ton Roosendaal

Let’s make history, decentralize movie production, open content, creative common data, and disrupt traditional movie making business models.

Update: The crowd funding campaign has been extended for meeting the 3000 supporters target.

[countdown date=2014/05/08-17:00:00] Countdown: Crowd funding ends in [dhmsrtimer] [after] It’s over. Thank you![/countdown]

Please go to https://butt.blender.org/gooseberry/ to support this cause.

Note: All info correct as of April 18th 2014.
Music: Dj Rkod – Pulse (George Ellinas Remix) (CC-BY)
Credit: Narrated by The Jikz; Content & planning by LightBWK

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