NPR Journal Covers by IBWorlds

IBWORLDS of just extended the use of Blender NPR to some very elegant looking journal covers.

IBWorlds says,

These covers were designed for a collection of policy pieces written by university students and which present “an inspiring exemplar of our generation’s unique propensity to engage with and accept the responsibility of today’s complex and interconnected challenges.” The series features six journals covering topics in Energy and Environment, Health Care, Defense and Diplomacy, Education, Equal Justice, and Economic Development.

Cover designs were inspired by the featured article in each journal and created using Blender. For example, the Energy and Environment cover represents the challenges of climate change and the green technologies that can help societies to overcome them, while the Health Care cover illustrates the idea that while there is a lot of biomedical research being completed, much of the hard data is released quite slowly, a trend that needs to change.

Source: IBuildWorlds