News: Improvements of Freestyle GUI controls – Part 1

New GUI improvement is underway, about 5 hours ago (from the time of writing), T.K., made a commit to the 2008 GSOC branch. Here are the details:

Improvements of Freestyle GUI controls - Part 1.

This commit makes a set of fixes and improvements based on the results of
Freestyle branch review by Brecht.  The discussion thread is:

* The Layers panel and Freestyle-related panels in the Render tab of the
Properties window were moved to the newly created Render Layers tab.
The idea is to separate per render layer rendering options into a distinct
Properties window tab, and use the existing Render tab to accommodate
per scene rendering options.

* The new Freestyle panel was added in the Render tab.  The panel header
contains a toggle button for globally enabling Freestyle, with the aim of making
Freestyle easier to find.  Those Freestyle options in the Post Processing panel
were also moved to the new panel. 

* GUI code was updated so that UI controls will be greyed out (instead of
being hidden) when Freestyle is disabled.  Additional UI changes were also
made to reduce space consumption.

* The list of line sets was moved from the Freestyle panel to the Freestyle:
Line Sets panel.

* Old ray-casting algorithms were removed from the UI.  Now only two
algorithms (culled and non-culled cumulative visibility detection algorithms)
are available, and the selection is done by the new "Culling" toggle button
within the edge detection options.


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