Last week on BNPR (Week of 30th September 2013)

It’s that time of the week again. We have awesome updates from last week. More after the break.

Classroom by Mclelun in Makoto Shinkai Style.

Light Bwk asked the question: What NPR styles do you guys love? Tons of nice answers and inspirations, make sure to check it out.

Alvin Nashif Dandan Magarang shared a disturbing NPR style short animation. [Not Blender]

[Warning: Not safe for work or home, once you watch it, it cannot be undone]

Naman Afle posted a nice looking room, rendered in an almost color pencil like texture, we like. Go ask him how he did it ;]

Color pencil style

Light BWK shared “Lost Senses” that won the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Jury award. Lost Senses is a short story about an encounter in an abstract world, stylized like the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico. The animation was featured in 3D Artist magazine #59. Check out the making of the landing shot below.


Claude Gourdot shared his animation titled “We are not alone.” Not everything is NPR but it sure is expressive rendering (ER).


A productive week for Hashirama Hendri Hatori, 2 fully rigged robot characters in toon shading with Freestyle.

NPR robot character

NPR robot character 2

For these plus discussions of techniques for styles, please drop by our FB group at Let’s have some expressive rendering discussion there.

Happy blending!

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