Last Week on BNPR (Week of 14th Oct 2013)

Last week, UI discussion was all over the Blendersphere. But it didn’t stop artists sharing Expressive Rendering. Here we go!

Artworks and tests:

Alvin Nashif Dandan Magarang shared Pratik Solanki’s RAMA, a stereoscopic render of an epic battle.


Best seen in HD and in stereoscopic 3D.

Xavier Cash asked how to render freestyle lines on alpha texture border. The solution is in the group! Go check it.

Freestyle edge of alpha border

Danny Grimm asked about line thinning problem with along stroke thickness modifier for freestyle. Solution, render layers or object group.

Along stroke line thinning problem (Solved)

Mclelun Lee updated his shops render.

Shop Updated

Igor Tkachenko mixed Blender Internal render, freestyle with 2D illustration to produce nice NPR/ER result. We fell in love.

Blender Internal, freestyle and illustration.


Lee Posey asked the community open questions “What things about Freestyle have stumped you? What parts have frustrated you?” Lots of feedback and answers, also problems spotted. Answers will be published as Freestyle FAQs.


Muhammad Amir Hamzah shared different styles of toon shading by an unknown artist.

Many styles of toon

Find out these and more at

Happy Blending!

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