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Welcome back to our weekly segment where we update you the happenings, inspirational doses and spur an exploration outside the realm of realism.

Blender Artworks and Experiments

Mclelun Lee shared his 7 shops render. He disclosed his lighting setup too. Rendered in BI, FreeStyle, painted and post in Photoshop.

7 shops

Light BWK teased FreeStyle enthusiasts with 2 never seen before line styles. Writing a letter with Freestyle and a hair (almost fluffy) clock.

Writing Letter with Freestyle

Hairy Style

Alvin shared a Chinese comic that uses Blender for background art. Ethan Luo, the original poster of the BA thread is a member of BNPR group. You can ask him questions.



Blender Discussion

An interesting article in Japanese by Tomo. He shared why BI’s and Cycles’s default toon shader are wrong. The essence of the article is the different behavior of Blender’s toons shaders compared to other software (shade change is value not hue), how toon shader should behave (Skin, hair, glossy objects) and a possible solution with material nodes.

Value shift with hue for toon shading


[Please use Google Translate, and download blend file at the bottom of page]

Related article

Link: (Toon color, why lowering value is wrong and not natural) [Please use Google Translate]


Rylan Wright shares 2 very mind numbing (too awesome) and inspirational videos.

The first is a 2013 demo reel by Kamikaze Douga (Please watch in HD).

The second is a trailer for a mobile game by┬áLevel 5 named “Majin Station”.

Light BWK shared how Makoto Shinkai creates his wonderful backgrounds. Layers, many layers.

For these and more, please go to

Happy Blending!

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