How you improve Blender Freestyle?

Blender Freestyle has been around for sometime and been used for many projects, hence there are wealth of experience of using alpha/beta/test builds. As Freestyle will “soon” be in Blender trunk, and before that actually happen, we at BNPR love to hear your ideas of possible improvements. (Like UI, features, add-ons, modifiers, speed etc.)

Yes, we are getting your feedbacks and suggestions. Tell us what you want to see in future Freestyle. Ideas can be as simple as feature request, but those requests with solid example are the stuff we love most (less of us guessing and scratching our heads like Suzanne if she has hands).

3, 2, 1… BEGIN!!!

PS: If everything goes well, we’ll summarize all the requests to be given to our beloved developers.
Update: If you face problem in any area of Freestyle, we like to hear them too.
Update 2: We are open to receive more of your improvement suggestions until the end of the month (July 31st 2012), then we’ll compile everything up neatly to be given to the developers.
Update 3: A brief report has been made to outline your suggestions here and a full report of all your suggestion can be found here.