Freestyle: Textured Stroke

Hello Freestylers! A great addition to the FS arsenal is currently in the works, and that is textured strokes.

Currently, users are relegated to separating a render layer, and using the composite node system to apply textures, albeit in 2D space, in a planar fashion.

This patch will allow artists to texture strokes using the powerful FreeStyle infrastructure itself, and apply a mind blowing combination of modifiers to them as well. It certainly adds to the expressive FREEdom of FREEstyle!

Here is a link to the patch page:

And here is a link to the BA thread, where you can show your support and share thoughts:

A special thanks to Paolo Acampora (pkrime) for plowing on with this great feature of Freestyle!

PS: Paolo gave this talk at the last Blender Conference…And totally worth a mention, since it has some pretty awesome NPR works and points featured within.

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