Cliffhanger- Blender Game WIP

An interesting game using not only Blender for NPR rendering, but also the Blender game engine via “Leonnn” from Blender Artists.

Leonnn writes:

“Cliffhanger is a a tower defense where you have to face a bunch of evil zombies and survive several waves in order to be rescued! The game is quite simple, you play as a sniper and have to protect your population from the zombies that are quite hangry. The big problem that your character have is that he is on the edge of a cliff and there is nowere else to go. The game is totally 2D, I never made any game like that before, but I have to say that its great to work with project like this. I order to survive you have to gather other survivors, train them and turn them into soldiers so they could fight against the zombies. The game is a survival game, and you fight for the scor, if you survive further your score will be bigger and if you reach the final wave and survive there will be an ending.

It will run on any computer, it doesnt need GLSL to work.”

Above: Some game play in action.

You cleared a level!

We like the unique style here. If you are interested in some more screenshots check out the Blender Artist thread here:

And if you want to see a promo for yet another game by Leonnn, check this link out!