BNPR’s Freestyle Level Up! Giveaway

Freestyle Level Up

Share a cool model/scene for BNPR to Freestyle edge & stand a chance to win 1 of 2 copies of BNPR’s Freestyle Level Up! course.

What you have to do to win:

1. Find a model or scene
2. Post a picture of the model/scene & download link to the model/scene in the comment section below
3. Up vote the models, more votes == more chance to win! Bring your friends here, share the link to this giveaway, use the social media buttons below.

Win One of Two

What BNPR will do:

1. The 2 best models/scenes (among the most upvoted) of our opinion will be Freestyle edged.
2. BNPR will share the files with everyone (Everyone wins on this!)
3. Giveaway winners will be announced after June 10th 2014 (UTC 00:00).
4. Those whose models/scenes we share please contact us to claim free copies to BNPR’s Freestyle Level Up!

Win 1 of 2

What are you waiting for, find a model/scene, post in comment section, up vote it and stand a chance to WIN. GLHF!

[countdown date=2014/06/10]
[hmstimer] to giveaway closing!
[after]Result will be announced soon. Keep your fingers crossed.[/countdown]

Detail rules:

1. Blenderheads can enter as many models/scenes as they prefer.
2. Models/Scenes can be made by anyone, you don’t have to own it.
3. Each entry must be a new comment with photo and a download link to the file.
4. BNPR must have the permission to FreeStyle edge and share the file. We like CC-BY and Copy Left files.
5. BNPR reserves the rights on the final decision of which entries will win.
6. Course will be awarded upon release.
7. This giveaway is international, everyone can enter.

Update: Winners Announced