Blender Retro Look

Jesse Werner was kind enough to share a bit about retro styled rendering, he writes:

“I started this blend just to explore rendering in a low resolution, low-bit, retro style for game development. I think that it has come along nicely and I would like to share it with you all.

The effect is relatively simple to achieve. First add a material. Add a color ramp to the diffuse shader. Add the colors you would like in the final image to the color ramp. Set the interpolation type to constant. Set the input type to result. Turn the specular intensity to zero. Specular highlights can be simulated with the diffuse color ramp. Set your render size to the desired size. Usually something small for the 8-bit retro look. And turn anti-aliasing off. If anti-aliasing is on, it will blur your entire image.

Thats thats it for the shader, but I also like to get a nice outline around my objects. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but the most flexible is with Freestyle.

The blend file is available atĀ

I used the Blender 2.63 r46584 Freestyle build fromĀ You will need a Freestyle build for this to render properly.”

Thank you for showing us!