BEER Development Update #8

Malt Weekly Report (August 7)

  • Support for Malt addons (Addon Preferences > BlenderMalt > Malt Library Path).
    • Any custom pipeline inside the this path will be available automatically in Blender.
    • Any GLSL file in this path can be included from material shaders.
  • Shader Compiler improvements and refactor.
    • Support for writing multiple (optional) passes inside a glsl shader. If the pass is not defined it will fall back to the pipeline default one.
    • Support for custom vertex shaders. (Example included)
  • Added a simplified API for the default pipeline and revamped the shader examples.
  • Normal mapping support. (Example included)
  • Slightly improved mesh loading times. (Still too slow, needs a proper solution)
  • Other fixes and tweaks.

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NOTE: Please redownload Shader Examples, the old ones will no longer work.