BEER Development Update #6

Malt Weekly Report (July 24)

  • Automatic Blender BuildBot on Github for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Lots of fixes and improved addon installation process.
    • More people are testing Malt and fixes were needed for different combinations of OS and GPU drivers.
    • Special thanks to @scythian and @Brainzman from the Blender NPR Discord for helping me testing on Mac and Linux.
  • Improved shader compiler reports and optionally use glslangValidator if it’s present on path.
    • Shader compatibility across different drivers should be much more robust from now.
  • Added a pre-pass (normal, depth and object ID) to the TestPipeline.
  • Initial support for line rendering.

–Miguel Pozo

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Initial support for outline. Edge types: Intersection, Silhouette, Crease, Border