BEER Development Update #22

Malt Weekly Report (November 27)

  • Material transparency:
    • Order independent transparency.
    • Transparent shadows.
    • Optional per-object single layer transparency.
  • Pipeline, lighting, and shader API refactor (all examples updated accordingly):
    • PipelineTest renamed to NPR_Pipeline.
    • Separate common lighting functions from NPR_Pipeline specific code.
    • All glsl functions can be called from any shader type.
    • Added a specific shadowmap shader pass.
    • All shader passes now share the same user-defined pixel shader.
    • Pipeline-defined main shader functions can pre and post-process user-defined shader function inputs and outputs.
    • Alpha-clip transparency. (Opaque materials automatically discard pixels with alpha 0)
    • Optionally disable self shadows. (per-material)

–Miguel Pozo

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