BEER development update #1

Malt Weekly Report (June 19)

  • Malt development began! (June 8)
  • Initial RenderEngine interface for Blender (viewport only), with support for OCIO color correction.
  • Support for installing third party libraries.
  • OpenGL loading, reflection and utilities.
  • Easy to use classes for OpenGL Shaders, Meshes, Textures and RenderTargets.
  • Initial Pipeline interface and TestPipeline implementation.
  • Basic Blender Mesh Object loading.
  • Shader compiler with hot-reloading, uniform reflection and support for #includes.
  • Initial Blender UI support for OpenGL uniforms (MaltProperyGroup).

I’m still defining the whole project design and architecture, almost everything is subject to change. The code is shared for the sake of openness but it’s still in super early state. — Miguel Pozo

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