Advanced Toon Shader – Extending Blender Internal

In the light of recent events, BNPR is glad to report that NPR artists aren’t second rated in Blender community and Blender development.

Monkey Minions

Monkey minions say YES to BI revival

Examples in the field:

  • FreeStyle integration into Blender [LINK]
  • Ton saying yes to BI revival [LINK]
  • Blender Community request things to be fixed in Blender Internal [various links in social media]
  • Blender 2.67 in few days time will revive the love of simple yet effective NPR artworks [LINK]
  • Mini Splash Contest for 2.67 [LINK]

To further propel the love of NPR, BNPR members have been casting lines in the water to see who else has a stake in BI. The result is a big draft proposal

Link: Advance Toon Shader Proposal (Blender Wiki)

It does not end there. We are reaching out for the proposal to be fine tuned by the community with a thread on

Link: Advance Toon Shader – Extending Blender Internal (

Any active, interested and passionate coders to revive BI is most welcome. Head to the forum thread above to support this cause. For NPR artists, please don’t be shy with the problem you encounter with BI, the more you share with us the easier for us to resolve your problem. Ironing out corner cases will help us make better BI for everyone. Happy blending blenderheads!

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