The Many Secrets of NPR: Part 1

The Many Secrets of NPR Part 1

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It is no secret that the most sought-after secrets are those hidden in plain sight. Revealing them often requires an exchange that those secrets become no secret. It’s like a car, once paid, it loses half of its initial presumed value, which is no secret, but a car isn’t a secret. A secret that unlocks other secrets on the other hand is a secret worth seeking and keeping.

Yet secrets so hidden and not utilized are as useful as a one thousand horse power Ferrari hidden in a junkyard piled with other glorified… junk, and hence this course.

In this first part of the series, we’ll look at few fundamental NPR secrets. They will enhance your NPR artworks greatly. Of course they will not be outlined here, they are secrets. Let me give you a clue. The image above is related to those secrets, else, what else the image does. 😉

File Size: ~82 MB (uncompressed) | Format: mkv videos, png, txt, blendfile | Difficulty: Intermediate

Note: The Freestyle bug as stated in the readme.txt of the course is fixed! Just used Blender 2.77a and everything should be fine. Please enjoy the course 🙂

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