BNPR’s Freestyle Level Up

Freestyle Level Up

Learn FreeStyle the fun way! Masterfully create geometry based, post-processed line art. Begin from the very basic to the very advance. Freestyle line art your still images, product design, arch-viz, motion graphics & motion pictures.

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Inside Freestyle Level Up

  • What FreeStyle really is 
  • Learn the art of line selection 
  • Learn the art of line styles
  • Mini projects with multiple object types, organic and non organic models
  • Troubleshooting and power tips
  • Advance line styles never taught this in-depth before 
  • How to think and model for FreeStyle
  • Compositing with FreeStyle

Course Details

Delivery: Online download | Language: English
Total file size: 628 MB (uncompressed) | Video: MP4 | Audio: AAC
Video resolution: 1280 x 720 | Total Length: 124 minutes


Audio: FreeStyle WTF Part 1,  FreeStyle WTF Part 2FreeStyle WTF Part 3
Blend File: Line Styles Demo
Great Freestyle examples: StudioLLB | Kārlis Stiģis | Viralata | Mclelun | TOMO

Line style demo [Freestyle Recipes]

Venetian View Line Art

Venetian View Line Art (Please Right click > Save As, to view full size)

Disclaimer: This video is the lighter side of leveling up, course content is heavy and full of technical descriptions.


I had to try out the stuff in the video because it was so epic.
This is so awesome.
It was just information overload. —Jerry Perkins

And here I cross the finishing line! Woohoo! This was fun and cool…
This explained all the parts where I did not make any progress.
Excuse me now: I have to blender. —Stefan Steinbauer

Thanks for the pointer, loving the Level Up course so far,
slowly getting my head round the
‘modelling for FS render result’ thing. —Adrian Giddings

Reviews: Adventure in Blender [Terry Wallwork] | The Og Bog Blog [Oscar Baechler]

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