Specs: Downloadable, text based course in PDF, PNGs, .Blend. File size: 22 MB. Difficulty: Very Advance

You’ll learn the basics of Freestyle line set, object data manipulations, NPR material setup, advance post-processing setup (render layers and compositor nodes).

“Pharmaceuticals aren’t exclusively bound to the production of drugs such for chemical reactions and stimulants. Health care is now robotic as well, in the size of 50 microns or smaller.

Exlisphere, a pharmaceutical giant specializing in nanomachines, has been known to make the best health nanite with the most morally aligned production methods which has been throughly audited by many independent auditors.

Today, Exlisphere is launching its 8th generation nanite, the Nanite8. Nanite8 can be programmed to target specific organs and body parts, making this latest generation of nanites the most effective to date.

Nanite8 comes in 3 packages, basic 5k, advance 10k and extreme 20k which all will be directly injected to the targeted body part. Unlike previous generations of nanites, this latest generation of nanites can travel from organ to organ by the user’s specification. Nanite8 can also remove and disable previous generation nanites, keeping the user’s body current and clean from nanomachines conflict.”

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