Specs: Downloadable, text based course in PDF, PNGs, .Blend. File size: 8.6 MB. Difficulty: Advance [Video: 120 MB]

You’ll learn the basics of Freestyle line set, object data manipulations, advance post-processing setup (render layer and compositor nodes).

The Earth in 3000 AD is fully tracked. Nothing you do is unknown. On the surface of the Earth a triangular grid (formed by hundreds of towers) tracks your movements, and has the ability even to locate you up to hundreds of meters below sea level.

Some of the super rich by-pass this mass surveillance by going to space, forming the “Free Ring.” Hovering around Earth’s low orbit. Some think they are getting too powerful. Large corporations and governments on the surface see this as a massive air space security threat, so they have started the “Alliance of High Orbit Defense Network” [AHODNx], a tight green sphere of air space surveillance.

The race is on.

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