The Saint Hewlett Bay Incident

The Saint Hewlett Bay Incident


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Specs: Downloadable, text based course in PDF, PNGs, .Blend. File size: 10.2 MB. Difficulty: Intermediate

You’ll learn Freestyle basics of how to give different colors to objects, particle system, render layer setup & compositing with Freestyle.

Prologue: Stars fall from the sky

Here I was, in this several century old, yet trusty light house doing scheduled maintenance when flames suddenly engulfed the bay. They say water does not mix with fire, but on that day I shed the notion. Who would do such a thing? We have no quarrel with any country. In fact, we have harbored peace in this region for over 200 years.

War was nothing we knew, and except for the few crimes on the streets, we have never been witness any large scale violence. Were we blinded by this peace or are there bigger things happening here?

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