Solidify modifier Contour/Outline

Here’s a quick tip: How to get lines (without freestyle) with solidify modifier and back-face culling. 2 setups, a. for GLSL viewport, b. for Blender Internal renderer.

Contour Line with Solidify

Note 1: This only produce “Silhouette” and “border” edge type (Freestyle equivalent).
Note 2: Please make material #2 untraceable by unchecking “Traceable”

Update: Outline material node setup for Cycles by Colby Klein


Update #2: Variable thickness with vertex group and weight paintSolidify Invert Normal Variable thickness

  • Zauber Paracelsus

    The images are all missing.

    • thejikz

      All’s showing here!

      • Zauber Paracelsus

        Yeah, they’re showing now. Must have been the image server temporarily acting up.

  • Pierre Schiller

    Nothing on method #2 describes how to accomplish that. Please help.

    • doko

      It’s difficult to see, but it’s there. In the Solidify modifier there’s a vertex group selector, you can use it to pick one of the vertex groups from your mesh to influence the strength of the modifier per-vertex, instead of the object as a whole.
      You weight paint on the vertex group the vertices that you want to be “solidified” more, and the modifier will thicken the mesh only on the parts that you weight painted.
      Read this, it’s the same: