Rendering Contours with Nodes

Edge/contour rendering without FreeStyle and Blender’s default edge rendering?! It is possible with nodes.

Daniel Kreuter writes:

In this tutorial I’m showing you how I add contours to a rendered image done in Blender.
I hope you enjoy watching it.

Download the node setup here:

  • Looks pretty good, except the missing pixels on the edges of cubes, but looks simpler than Freestyle. Good one.

  • bluecd

    Hi, thats amazing you implemented that idea of linear representation as a result of render engine !

    I personally had in mind some similar idea-however my knowledge of nodes is still insufficient to make an approach – would you take a look at the thread at Blender’s Artists Forum:

    In short words my idea would be to add some chaos/randomness factor to the edge lines, just to fake real world reception of ‘straight’ even and ideal lines. What would you your oppinion on the idea?