NEWS: Sorry Freestyle no merge (yet)

[Bf-committers] Freestyle branch status report May 2012

First of all congrats for the project and your work over the last couple
of years!

Although I understand the need and the users want this in trunk I am a
bit skeptical of the integration.

Basically I would prefer to see Freestyle being implemented as an
external engine rather than hook so deep into Blenders core.
I mean that was the intention of the API, to make exactly that possible.

From a quick look at the patch it looks like its quite heavily
integrated. What is the intention of the ID_LS you added?
Also I don’t see a way to disable freestyle (compile option).

Sorry but at the moment I would not recommend a merge. Basically I first
would like to check if it would be possible to integrate it via the
Render API, and with much less changes to the core.


Link: bf-committers

  • ikeahloe

    you’d think they would let the freestyle team know before now that the blender integration method they’re using wasn’t acceptable to the other blender devs. It seems to me coming from an outside coding view, that it would be a lot of work to change the way freestyle is integrated into blender, considering that’s a large percent of the work that’s been done for 3+ years…. i don’t know it just seems a little inconsiderate this late and this close to a stable merge to pull that out. but maybe i’m looking into it wrong and the changes he’s referring to are not that hard/major.

    • Thomas Dinges

      See my response above, but to answer to your point: 3 years ago Blender had no Render API, things have changed. Projects that are in development for that long have to adapt if changes are made. But as Freestyle is a BI post process, the issue is gone. 🙂

  • Light

    Frankly, I’m thinking the same. It’s like a castle was built and someone came in and said, “Nice castle, I thought you were building a pagoda, that’s what the king wants.” Really irresponsible I think for not checking back and give feedback on the “ideal” specs. Only someone like us who use Freestyle very often (as in using it in small productions) that we know how Freestyle really works by design. The lack of documentation is one. But when Thomas mentioned using rendering API, one thing pops up in my mind, “Didn’t Campbell said that the render API was not up to par yet and not ready” Which BI developer is working on this today? Non. So it is perfectly clogged in the drain.

    • ikeahloe


  • the documentation is, 
    although a few months old, more or less done in my wiki space: 

  • Thomas Dinges

    The situation has changed. I had the impression that Freestyle was a standalone Render Engine, but it’s actually a BI post process.
    So my mail is basically invalid, although I would like to check on UI design etc. and other devs will do the usual code review too.

    This means that a few changes need to be done, but Freestyle should be in Trunk soon, maybe not in 2.64, but it’ll be in 2.65 for sure!

    Sorry if my mail caused some bad impression, I am welcoming Freestyle of course and it’s a great addition. But that’s why we have the dev mailing list, to communicate and discuss such things, so we all get the best out of it. 🙂
    We rushed in features before in the past and sometimes it caused some trouble. That’s why such discussion is necessary, even if it makes the userbase a bit unhappy at first.

    But anyway, issue solved, Freestyle is on it’s way!