Freestyle WTF: Part 3

This is the second part of Freestyle WTF?! (Freestyle, what’s that feature?!) Here will answer more questions from the community.

Links: Freestyle WTF Part 1, Part 2

Questions answered:

  • I keep making groups, but I cannot find them when I am trying to create a line set based on groups. 
  • I want to see what my line will look like before I spend hours rendering a single frame. Why isn’t there a preview? 
  • Why is Freestyle taking so long?!
  • I have a billboard object, why is Freestyle only rendering the square edges of the plane? 
  • I don’t see my lines in reflections!!
  • Line is bubbly or lumpy
  • The lines I want to see simply aren’t showing!
SteamPunk Clock by Light BWK

SteamPunk Clock by Light BWK

Content and planning: TheJikz & LightBWK
Narrator: TheJikz
Music credit:Alex / CC BY 3.0 , unreal_dm / CC BY 2.5

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