Freestyle: Textured Stroke

Hello Freestylers! A great addition to the FS arsenal is currently in the works, and that is textured strokes.

Currently, users are relegated to separating a render layer, and using the composite node system to apply textures, albeit in 2D space, in a planar fashion.

This patch will allow artists to texture strokes using the powerful FreeStyle infrastructure itself, and apply a mind blowing combination of modifiers to them as well. It certainly adds to the expressive FREEdom of FREEstyle!

Here is a link to the patch page:

And here is a link to the BA thread, where you can show your support and share thoughts:

A special thanks to Paolo Acampora (pkrime) for plowing on with this great feature of Freestyle!

PS: Paolo gave this talk at the last Blender Conference…And totally worth a mention, since it has some pretty awesome NPR works and points featured within.

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  • Light Bwk

    Kr Derivative Epsilon is final condition to draw lines (for sil and sc), based of view (at zero it is detecting zero crossing or a value approaching zero in face curvature, tangent view). Sphere Radius is the surface curve radius to approx local curvature, also a condition (for sc and rv), when zero the curvature is big means 1 radius can get a line, when in other values multiple radius are calculated for the same curvature. Both conditions when fulfilled, draw lines. They are literally what they means in the attached PDF via the wiki. To work with them, you need to make range to see the different output, as suggested on page 46. Most users won’t see and feel any benefit from them, as line types Suggestive contour and Ridge and valley are very unpredictable. One thing is for sure, when both value non zero, viewmap calculation time will increase.

    • pKrime

      Hi Light Bwk, thank you for your valuable explanation, it helps making sense. I would like to find a way to tame such unpredictable behaviours in the future, yet right now I can’t figure how! 🙂
      I read the BEER proposal on your wiki page, while most of my development efforts are focused on stroke rendering, I think there is room for common goals, so I’m looking forward to join forces in the blender npr development.


      • Light Bwk

        Common goals are nice. Feel free to PM me via FB for details. There are few npr discussion threads that might be of your interest.