Feedback: What is your favorite NPR style?

Yup, it’s feedback time again.

There is a wealth of non-photorealitic (NPR) styles around.  In Tears of Steel, in the credits, there are 2 major styles; shadow-highlight style and 8-bit style. But there are many, many more!

To name a few:

Cel/Toon shading:

  • 1 tone
  • 2 tones
  • 3 tones
  • Soft shadow/Ambient occlusion

Painterly Style:

  • Pencil
  • Color Pencil
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic
  • Oil Paint
  • Speed paint
  • Paper Simulated Texture

Retro Style:

  • 8 bit
  • Big pixels
  • Noise

Line Styles:

  • Blue Print
  • Engineering drawing
  • Comic line inking

And there are heaps of other styles, some can’t even be described with words.  Now it is your turn to SHOW & TELL.  Show us your favorite NPR style via links and a short description, free for all software and medium, these are for inspirations!

PS: No Gangnam Style please. ;D

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  • David Rodriguez


  • David Rodriguez


    • Light

      Same topic but Chinese Ink style, animation after 1:30 on the tree is awesome. Wonder how it can be done in Blender?

    • Light

      When talking about NPR style, how can I almost forget Okami and Okamiden. Love the inking and watercolor style.

  • thejikz

    Nice. Can you find any CG versions of it?! that would be AWESOME!! 🙂

  • ike ahloe

    with cel shading i i don’t like multiple tones too much. but i love liots of tones in painterly styles… and when it comes to that, they’re all good, it’s just what fits the vision best. I love linestyles but they have to match the style of the film/project/shading/story/etc.

    • thejikz

      Agree about linestyles for sure. For me on tones, I am still trying to find a happy style I like most, I like subtle ambient occlusion, but currently have taken to a very shiney/reflective/specular look I would like to try out. Time only can tell!

  • Definitely a fan of the look of shorts like “Meet Buck” and “Salesman Pete”. I guess that’d be acrylics of a sort. Lineless but still very stylised and pretty shallow shadows.

    Meet Buck:

    Salesman Pete:

  • Light

    A very good example of majorly 1 tone cel shading anime.
    You can see 2 tones shading but very few. Done in 3D.

  • Light

    Also style like this which overly composited and overlayed with every rainbow color we can see. Provokes some deep emotions.

  • Light

    And this, “009 RE:CYBORG”… all done in 3ds Max using Pencil+ plugin.

  • rylan wright
  • rylan wright

    And these folks get me hyped as they are always pushing what is possible with NPR.
    “Studio kamikazedoga”

  • Celest

    with line art like Paperman

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