Edge Node 1.2.4

Edge Node 1.2.4 (BI) | By Light | CC0 | Blendfile | Tutorial | DOWNLOAD
Note: Wall-E model not included

Toon/cel shadingBasic toon/cel shaders (BI) | by Light BWK | CC0 | Blendfile | Tutorial | DOWNLOAD

Toon Wood

Wood shader (BI) | by Mclelun | CC0 | Blendfile | DOWNLOAD

Solidify Outline

Solidify Outline (BI) | by Light BWK | CC0 | Blendfile | Tutorial | DOWNLOAD
Cycles and BI version by Colby Klein | CC0 | Blendfile | DOWNLOAD #2


Toon Shader Lecture (BI) | by Light BWK | Compiled by Wasili | CC-BY | PDF | DOWNLOAD

NPR Shading Theories

NPR Shading Theories | by Light BWK | CC-BY | PNG | DOWNLOAD

Textured Toon

Textured Toon | By Mclelun | CC0 | Blendfile | DOWNLOAD

80's Chrome

80’s Chrome Materials | By Mclelun | CC0 | Blendfile | DOWNLOAD

Raindrop Splashes Ripples

Raindrops, Splashes & Ripples | By Kevin Teenakul & Mclelun | CC0 | Blendfile | DOWNLOAD

X toon depth POC

X-Toon: Proof of Concept | By Light | CC0 | Blendfile | DOWNLOAD

  • salsa_tiger

    The reason why I wouldn’t use these files is that they are CC “By” licensed. The small amount of work avoided doesn’t really merit an inclusion in the Credits…

    • that guy

      Then make your own, and happy blending.

    • These exact files are CC BY. The intention is not for you to copy these files and call them yours. Instead you are free to make your own files from what your learned from these files. The contributors hold full copyrights to the files they created. Just that they license these files in CC BY to keep the files free from unethical exploit, such as, claiming other people’s work as their own.

  • Bintang Senja

    Hi Light, really love this, keep this up. Subscribed ! ^^

  • orineu

    Thanks for everything! I’ve already learned a lot just from reading through a couple tutorials.

  • King GeneraL

    this one really awesome, Thanks shishou !!!

  • Leo Treasure

    ‘X-Toon Proof of Concept’ Zip file seems to be corrupted.

    • The file is working fine at my end.