Cross Hatch Shader

For this test i had been thinking about trying overlaying multiple layers of shadow masks to create a more dence hatch.
Then I found this paper whitch also explores the method:

Image from paper showing the texture maps used and level of detail for distant objects, this test will not go into Level of detail.

This is results shown in the paper:
So lets start the test:
this is the base material shown on blenders Suzanne(monkey)  and outline
First node set up for 1 directon lines
Suzanne with 1st nodes applied and outline
I used the node layout from the twig test and added more textures to make layers with a multiply, fed with the previous multiply result,  the second texture in the 2 color channels and the factor driven by a new color ramp whitch feed off the same base material.
Second node set up for 2 directon lines
Suzanne with 2nd nodes applied and outline
then this was repeted for the 3rd texture, notice the while level in each chain getting closer to the left to allow less shadow area to be seen.
Third node set up for 2 direcon lines and a cross hatch pattern
Suzanne with 3rd nodes applied and outline
Then as I was interested in how to add colours  I Added a RGB node and made it red. Then linked it with another multiply with a factor of 100.
Colour node test
 Suzanne with 4th nodes applied and outline
Here is the maps used:
And again finally here  it in action. Unlike my other sketchy tests this is not animated but could portray a more peaceful but still chaotic element in the game if used correctly.
Video of shaders side by side:

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