Contest Theme: Still in Motion

“Portray movement and dynamics without animation.”
“Still in motion” is a pun and an oxymoron.
“Still” is motionless.
“Still in motion” is a motionless image continue moving.

Few examples:

  1. Timber mid-fall
  2. Dancer spinning
  3. Car drifting

Go crazy with it, you have one month.


  1. Maximum resolution: 1280 x 1280 pixels (Common resolution: 1280 x 720 px is OK).
  2. Non-photoreal style.
  3. Contest ends on October 29th at 23:59 UTC
  4. All asset must be created from scratch inside the time period (Sept 17th to Oct 29). Meaning you have to start from a blank file. 
  5. External post processing is allowed.
  6. Please use #NPRStillMotion on Twitter and Facebook when posting progress.
  7. Post your entries at (this page), using the entry form (below).
  8. Blendfile/Source-file is required from winning candidates.


  1. 3x “You made me think!” prizes:
    Pixel Math Ebook
    The Many Secrets of NPR Part 1
  2. 2x “Dang, that’s cool!” prizes:
    Pixel Math Ebook

    The Many Secrets of NPR Part 1

    FreeStyle Level Up
  3. 1x secret prize (will be announced soon)

Free Ramen blendfile for all qualified entries.

Note: If you want to sponsor this contest, please contact us using the contact form.


  • Entries after midnight 30th October.
  • Using MakeHuman or other pre-made assets.
  • Image resolution bigger than 1280 x 1280 px.

Entry form:

Please post any inquiry below.

  • Jay Anthony Edwards

    @LightBWK should i part the link to my entry art work be my art station, behance or post i made the peice on?

    • any of those links will work OK, but only direct link to the image, we don’t want your other artworks included

      • Jay Anthony Edwards