Classic Ink Shader

This is an old gem of a shader for expressive rendering that might be big for those creating black and white comic/manga.


Image by Loran CG

The Internal renderer shader is simple:

  • Lambert with a black and white color ramp.
  • A butt texture as stencil mask for,
  • A wood texture with custom black and white ramp, mapped as normal.
  • To enhance it, Freestyle or Edge is added.


You can port this into cycles easily. Please share your renders too. Have fun!

Links: Loran CG | Material Repository


  • Could you provide an updated tutorial, blender’s ui seems to have changed since this was made?

    • Light Bwk

      FYI: That is the updated UI.

  • Christian Klose

    Thanx for this nice shader.
    Inspired by tsutomo nihei’s “blame!”
    blender2.70a internal/freestyle/AO

    • Light Bwk

      That is wonderful!

  • marf

    you say it can easily be ported to cycles, but i’m having some trouble.. any chance of a quick tutorial on that?

  • David

    Some how the settings aren’t working… I’m just seeing large bands all across my mesh.. 2.71 Blender Internal

  • twr

    I beg your pardon,
    but I was trying hard to manage the ink shader. For me it is NOT easy to convert it to cycles. Any ideas?

    • Unless you can code it in OSL, don’t convert it to Cycles. Cycles default shaders just not fit for this type of shader.

      • twr

        Thx. I use cycles for Manga style models… Thought it was a good idea.