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BEER Talk Podcast Part 2

NPR Limitations artists faced using render engine designed exclusively for photo-realistic rendering Shading Nodes Hard to explain/teach and tasking when revisit & recall after a while BI: limited and buggy Cycles: hard to get even for...

BEER Design Overview [July 2014] 13

BEER Design Overview [July 2014]

Blender Extended Expressive Rendering or BEER is a shader system specially designed to be able to produce limitless shader styles. Though its main purpose is to handle non-photorealistic (NPR) shader styles, BEER can produce...


BEER: A wordy leet intro (August 2013)

What is BEER? BEER is a shader system specifically for non photo realistic rendering. It is a shader of all styles. Initially it was to fulfill the requirement of having cel-toon, soft-toon and X-toon....