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Painterly, watercolour and stroke based rendering

First, an article, a collection of the state-of-the-art approaches review for Painterly Rendering. Link: The research article appeared in Computer Animation and Virtual World Journal, Volume 24, Issue 1, January/February 2013, Pages 43–64....


NPR Learning Path

Warning: Very long article without photo, please bookmark. Table of contents: Introduction Learning best practices Embark on an epic journey (The extreme basics, UI) Get organized (Project and file management) Populate your world (Modeling)...


Blender Node Art

Blender is not always about serious near perfect CG/VFX artworks. After a long day/week, artists need to make something fun. Here are few Node Art done inside Blender Compositor. Click on photos to link to...


Animated GIF 101

Today we are going to learn about our fun friend, the animated GIF! We will be using a combination of GIMP ( and any recent version of Blender (2.6X) to create this 11 frame...


Shop Visualization

A very interesting and stylish way of using mixed render styles, obviously one of which is NPR, simple edge rendering. Credits to phillozoph50 of Blenderik Production.


Cliffhanger- Blender Game WIP

An interesting game using not only Blender for NPR rendering, but also the Blender game engine via “Leonnn” from Blender Artists. Leonnn writes: “Cliffhanger is a a tower defense where you have to face...