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NPR artworks, tips and tricks 2018-01-21

毎年恒例の干支神モデリング。イヌたん!ウェイトとかまだちょっと直したいところあるけどタイムアップ。 #今年作ったBlender作品貼ってけ #b3d #えとたま — あそ.blend6 (@Asobiti) December 31, 2017   See it moves on the original tweet Dragon-jackal-dinosaur thingy loop #b3d #illustrator


NPR Games Preview 2017-11-09

Dead Static Drive [Twitter] Dead Static Drive will have a playable demo at #dayofthedevs this weekend! RSVP at — kurt russell fan club...


Here comes Discord

BNPR is on Discord! Come join us for discussions and more interactive learning. Click the image above or this link to join.


BEER Update December 2016

The site is running normally, despite of the lack of new content. Your donations are still for BEER development. Here is the current situation: the upgrade...