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Blender Node Art

Blender is not always about serious near perfect CG/VFX artworks. After a long day/week, artists need to make something fun. Here are few Node Art done inside Blender Compositor. Click on photos to link to...


Another car

This car was modeled excellently by Rogério Perdiz (aka Rogper). I just created the materials, lighting and post-production. It was all done with Blender (no Freestyle). The original file of the car is available...


Shop Visualization

A very interesting and stylish way of using mixed render styles, obviously one of which is NPR, simple edge rendering. Credits to phillozoph50 of Blenderik Production.


Slenderman Turntable

An interesting turntable by BGregory! Slenderman NPR Turntable from BGregory on Vimeo. Made with Blender Rendered with Freestyle