Basic Toon Shaders with Blender Internal

We have been asked too many times about the basic toon shader in the past. Every time we refer to the same solutions but in different posts in our FB Group. Posts flow with time and gone from view after few weeks. To get the information available at all times, we made this info graphics. Blender Internal toon shader Info Graphics

*note: Full Oversampling is located at Material tab > Options

Feel free to show your results. Psst, we’ll have something very advance (very-very advance, production level) coming up in the store. 😉

  • amit

    Thank you very much, those shaders are GREAT!
    How can I change the edge color in the Toon Basic shader?

    • edge as in?
      1. Freestyle line (change freestyle line color) or
      2. Color of the toon (change the color ramp)

      • amit

        I meant the gray outline. I wish to create several shaders with different outline colors.
        I’m quite new with Blender..

        Thanks 🙂

        • That is freestyle outline. A lot of tutorial about that in this site and on Youtube. You can also use other methods like the Inverted Hull, Edge Nodes, Edge.

          • amit

            Thank you very much, Light Bwk!
            I’m trying to assign different freestyle outlines to multiple shaders.
            i need a scene that includes many objects with different freestyle outlines, as shown in the attachment.
            How can I do that (i’ve been looking everywhre, couldn’t find it)?
            Thanks again! 🙂

          • You need object groups, then in specify which object group in line set panel.

            My old freestyle tutorial can be found at
            go to the bottom of the page and look for the search bar.
            Search “Freestyle” to bring up all related articles.

            Alternatively, you can purchase Freestyle Level Up from
            That course is pretty much is the ultimate Freestyle guide to date.

          • amit

            Thank you so much for all of your help. It works great! 🙂