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BEER Design Overview [July 2014] 13

BEER Design Overview [July 2014]

Blender Extended Expressive Rendering or BEER is a shader system specially designed to be able to produce limitless shader styles. Though its main purpose is to handle non-photorealistic (NPR) shader styles, BEER can produce...


NPR: Demand, Business and Blender

In the East, non-photorealistic rendering or NPR is massive. It is not a long tail niche that most people believed. One of the reasons for NPR being the standard in those studios is the...


An interview: ABC of Akari

Vicente Carro from AnigoAnimation has been good enough to share with us his interesting project using Blender to create an anime type series! In our interview we ask him some questions about the project:


Action Transportation

Randolph writes: I recently completed a web commercial for a client of mine. Given the name “Action” Transportation, I thought it would be fun to present their company in the form of an animated...