Advanced Toon Shader – Extending Blender Internal

In the light of recent events, BNPR is glad to report that NPR artists aren’t second rated in Blender community and Blender development.

Monkey Minions

Monkey minions say YES to BI revival

Examples in the field:

  • FreeStyle integration into Blender [LINK]
  • Ton saying yes to BI revival [LINK]
  • Blender Community request things to be fixed in Blender Internal [various links in social media]
  • Blender 2.67 in few days time will revive the love of simple yet effective NPR artworks [LINK]
  • Mini Splash Contest for 2.67 [LINK]

To further propel the love of NPR, BNPR members have been casting lines in the water to see who else has a stake in BI. The result is a big draft proposal

Link: Advance Toon Shader Proposal (Blender Wiki)

It does not end there. We are reaching out for the proposal to be fine tuned by the community with a thread on

Link: Advance Toon Shader – Extending Blender Internal (

Any active, interested and passionate coders to revive BI is most welcome. Head to the forum thread above to support this cause. For NPR artists, please don’t be shy with the problem you encounter with BI, the more you share with us the easier for us to resolve your problem. Ironing out corner cases will help us make better BI for everyone. Happy blending blenderheads!

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  • Zauber Paracelsus

    Personally, the main thing I’d like to see with Blender Internal, which would help a lot with NPR, is to make the node editor more powerful. I’m slowly getting the hang of BI’s node editor as I work on my web comic, but sadly it has fewer options and less power than the Cycles nodes do.

    • Petr Utinek

      nodes are good in BI too just split to more different layers as texture,nodes,material nodes in cycles they are all together

      • Zauber Paracelsus

        I suppose, just taking my time wrapping my brain around the way they work, lol.

        I will note, however, that it seems much easier to create decals and such using BI compared to Cycles. Doing it in cycles is quite convoluted, while with BI you can just hook up the underlying material as an input.

    • thejikz

      With this system, the nodes would get some improved features i think, being able to input new data types is the goal after all! I am curious what exact things you are thinking of? I am all for it myself!

      • Zauber Paracelsus

        Well, under cycles I had created a rather convoluted setup to allow me to recolor the eyes (including both the iris and pupil) while also handling glow for the eyes.

        The recoloring was convoluted, but doable (and remains so under BI), but the glow I am not very certain about. Under cycles, the glow was handled by using the emissive property. But, because I was also using emissive for making a toon material, I had to divide the emissive in the compositor: reduce it by 0.5 and then double the result in order to get areas that have glow applied and how much glow.

        The glow would be easier to do if I could pass custom channels into the compositor, so that I could then use those to apply a blurring/brightening effect directly.

        Also, as another note with regard to freestyle (I may have posted this to you on Google+): Freestyle doesn’t account for alpha masking. In my case, I had used a bent surface with an alpha-masked feather texture applied, and rather than drawing edges along the contours of the feather, it instead drew along the edges of the object geometry.

        Actually, I think I should submit this freestyle issue to the bug tracker.

  • daveleitz

    ATS is good. What about ‘half lambert’ shading and view dependent specular?